The Fire Zone

The Fire Zone at The Painting Broad has many pieces of pre-fired pottery for you to choose from and dozens of colors to paint with. Regardless of your age or skill level you will have a great time! Bring your family, friends, or someone special to sit back and enjoy some quality creative time together. You can also contact us about Pottery To Go! Great for sleepovers, dinner parties, senior citizens, or just to complete at home in your jammies!

How It Works

You choose and paint the piece and we will glaze and fire your pottery to a nice high gloss finish. Your piece is ready to be picked up and taken home in less than a week!


The cost of each piece will vary between $5 and $50 plus tax. There will also be a $6 studio fee added onto the final cost of each person’s piece.


The Painting Broad has fun paint your own pottery birthday party options. Cost starts at $23 per painter depending on the ceramic piece you choose. We can also host adult Birthday Parties, Baby and Wedding Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Ladies Night Out, and no special occasion at all with pottery!

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